About QAI


QAI was set up to create an ecosystem of education, training, quality improvement and accreditation/ certification. We believe that this organisation would provide a platform to stakeholders including professionals and organisations, associated with quality in any way, to share their wisdom and knowledge in order to make its Vision realised. This will further provide tremendous opportunities to all concerned to learn and contribute in improving organisations engaged with QAI. Different activities would be initiated under different verticals in a manner that they remain independent of each other. QAI aims to operate globally. One of the vertical set up within QAI is the Centre for Accreditation of Health and Social Care (CAHSC). It is responsible to run various accreditation/ certification activities in health and social care.


Nurturing the largest global pool of organisations and people through quality and accreditation framework.


To conceive and deliver education, training, accreditation and related programmes in partnership with stakeholders using an approach of co-design and co-creation.






Seek continuous feedback from stakeholders to address their concerns Look for viable options to benefit users of our services Clearly defined policies made available in public domain Continuously evolve using co-design and co-creation